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How does it work?

Drone Delivery under FAA Part 107


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Zing is a drone delivery platform that enables pilots to make quick and eco-friendly deliveries from local businesses. Their goal is to enable drone deliveries at every establishment that currently uses cars or trucks for last mile deliveries.
Zing is not like Uber Eats or Doordash. Zing does not take any money from your business, but adds a small markup in the Zing app and calculates the delivery fee for the Zing pilot. You are paid in full at your business as if the order was for takeout.
Customers download the Zing app. In the app, they browse, add to cart, and purchase menu items and pay securely through the Zing app. The pilot delivering the order will pay in full at the counter for the order and then carry out the delivery.

Download the app here.
Do you want your business to be a leader in technology and innovation? Zing drone deliveries have no cost to your business - and allow your customers to experience something brand new, exciting, and safe. T Drone deliveries also provide a 100% contactless delivery process, with no risk of exposure for the pilots or the customers.
Gray AerialVisual has been selected as a Zing Partner to carry out Zing deliveries. When a local business places an order, GAV will be the drone pilot that delivers the items.
Drone deliveries are conducted within Visual Line of Sight due to the current state of FAA regulations. This provides a contacless solution for deliveries. Gray AerialVisual conducts commercial drone operations under an FAA Part 107 license. Each flight is mapped and planned with the AirMap integrated airspace software, and required authorization is attained.
Check out their website here.
Download the iOS app here.

Download the Android app (coming soon).

Delivery Process

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1. User Places Order

The user orders securely through the Zing app for iOS. Payment is collected and processed. Payment methods include Apple Pay and credit cards.

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2. Nearby Pilot is Notified and Accepts Order

Nearby pilots are notified of the order and have the option to accept the order if they are marked as active for delivery.

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3. Pilot Calls for Takeout Order

The pilot orders the customer's item from the store and goes to pick it up.

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4. Pilot Makes Delivery

The Part 107 pilot loads the order into a Zing delivery box, and the drone gently sets the package in the customer's driveway.

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5. Customer Leaves Review

After taking delivery of the item(s), the customer leaves a review in the app for your business.